Younger Me

Dear younger me,
So much is going to change.
Try not to take this time for granted,
Being older can feel so strange.
Those times you wished for freedom,
Because high school felt like a jail,
Or you thought you looked so fat then,
And obsessed with that stupid scale.
Believe me, it’s unimportant,
And it all works out just fine.
You’ll see more clearly when you’re older,
(And you’re not old yet at thirty-nine.)
You’ll have successes and yes, some failures,
You’ll have some stuff that you regret.
You’ll love most memories to look back on,
You’ll wish that some you could forget.
Those broken hearts you thought would kill you,
Will mend and not leave a scar,
They’re still important parts of your story,
Making you the woman you eventually are.
Those grey hairs that you were dreading,
Are not flaws, cause they were earned,
You’ll endure hard stuff and recover,
Life is the teacher and you’ll have learned.
© c.c. Snowden

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